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Contrary to Popular Opinion, You Can Put a Price On Peace of Mind

April 17, 2009
Posted by Jeff Stein


Unbeknownst to many of our clients, DOVETAIL does more than put together Web sites for Marketing/Communications – much more, in fact.

Last year, we were commissioned to begin development on a Web application aimed at providing property owners & leasers a way to protect their physical assets against the threats of natural disaster, fire, theft, etc…

The challenge inherent in this task was to build a piece of software that provides flexibility, scalability and simplicity of use: all while housing it in a contemporary interface that would appeal to “2.0” users, who will no doubt be it largest base of customers.

Introducing MyVault: A revolutionary system that allows you to record, upload and store information and images of possessions and documentation in a “cloud” environment, eliminating the potential of you losing that critical data at thetime when you need it most.

Check it:

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