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Communication sure has changed since 1987

July 18, 2013
Posted by Susan Weissman

There’s an interesting blog you might want to check out if you enjoy writing, correspondence and the like. It’s called Letters of Note and it features fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes and memos. Very untruly yours, is a letter written to Nike in 1987 by a consumer who is offended by the use of the Beatles’ song, “Revolution”, in a commercial for Michael Jordan shoes. The consumer states, “Your only motive is to make more money for your greedy selves, and in the process you seemingly could not care less that you have trampled and befouled the precious memories of millions and millions of people throughout the entire world.” Wow. This kind of advertising is part of our culture today, it’s hard to believe someone could take such a strong stand, promising to never buy Nike shoes again. It’s true, the song was used without permission and the surviving Beatles sued and won. (Today, we simply pay for the rights and leverage the songs popularity or meaning to make our communication stronger.) But that was not the issue for this consumer, he is furious with the idea that this amazing song will be sullied by it’s use in advertising and concludes his letter like this,  “Very untruly yours. I hope you choke.” Sheesh!

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