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Talk About It

Innovative Drug Prevention Campaign Program

The opioid and heroin epidemic has grown into a national issue, and its effects have not ignored our hometown of St. Louis. In an effort to help our community, Dovetail has teamed up with our partners at NCADA (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse) to introduce a new prevention campaign.

Instead of focusing on the potentially devastating problems that can occur after opioid and substance misuse has already started, our Talk About It campaign is taking a different approach. Talk About It takes on a more approachable and friendly tone to help inspire change through early conversations between parents and their families. Research has shown that when parents have these conversations, it can reduce their child’s future risk of use by 50 percent.

Our team understands that starting these types of conversations can be an extremely difficult thing for parents to do, so we created free age-specific talking kits that provide parents with helpful information and conversation starters. These talking kits are housed on our responsive website,, where parents can find even more information and resources.

This campaign wants to give families the encouragement to start these potentially lifesaving conversations, and to show them that they can play an active role in protecting their children.

Dovetail was recently honored with the Gateway Award in appreciation of exemplary work in raising the public’s awareness of alcohol and other drug issues.

2018 Community Prevention Award Recipient – DEA National Headquarters.