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The largest electronic payments processor in the multifamily rental industry.

An invaluable tool for the rent industry gets a complete makeover.

A hub for managing and streamlining the rent process, RentPayment offers a plethora of tools for residents, property managers & landlords, and tech partners alike. For residents, RentPayment is an incredible, easy-to-use tool to pay their rent. For the payees, RentPayment is a groundbreaking tool that simplifies collecting, processing, and depositing payments.

The challenge was to create a design and site experience that was befitting of RentPayment’s amazing benefits and ease of use.

Dovetail started by revisiting the logo to create something eye-catching and approachable. Then, the team began to dig through the site, pouring over the multitude of capabilities, and developing a language that spoke simply and directly. They paired this with a clean, eye-catching design that worked across multiple devices and access points.

Now, RentPayment is the go-to tool that successfully lives up to its namesake and completely fulfills the company’s vision.