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Priority Commercial Payments

An integrated payment platform that saves time and adds value.

A leader in accounts payable automation, Priority Commercial Payments offers a suite of payment tools, adding value to the buyer-supplier relationship. Their Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX) can automate and manage all of accounts payable through a single payment file, as well as earn incentives and rebates.

The challenge was to better clarify the benefits and value behind CPX.

With that, Dovetail set out to establish a visual look and streamlined language, all designed to demonstrate, simply and succinctly, those benefits.

From helping architect and design a revamped website that guides visitors through the process, to concepting and creating a “how-to” video that explains the benefits and value of CPX, Dovetail ensured that the ease and seamlessness of the platform was consistently communicated.

The end result made for a more direct conversation, punctuated by clean, aesthetically striking design, allowing people to better understand what Priority Commercial Payments offers.