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Nextra Health

Taking Care Forward

For over 40 years, St. Louis Medical Supply has been a leader in their industry. The company desired to grow and evolve their business model to become more of health services organization partnering with Managed Care Organizations. This meant a focus on quality improvement, leveraging and anticipating where the future of healthcare was leading, and providing innovative solutions to improve positive outcomes.

As their business model evolved, St. Louis Medical Supply’s name began to limit them not only geographically, but also in what they were perceived to offer.

Dovetail was proud to partner with the company to reposition them to better reflect their role in the ever-changing world of healthcare and managed care organizations.

Our team conducted thorough research of St. Louis Medical Supply’s business model, competitors, and industry, and also held in-depth interviews with key stakeholders from the company. These methods gave us invaluable insights, and a clear picture of how the company could differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

We created a new name, logo, and brand platform that captured what the company had become, and what it aspired to be in the future: Nextra Health. Taking Care Forward. This new identity provides Nextra Health with a distinctive position over its competitors, and better fits the innovative solutions and high-quality products they provide to their valued Managed Care partners.