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Logan University

Training students to become the health care leaders of tomorrow

In the heart of Chesterfield, MO, stands an award-winning and nationally renowned university that draws talent from every state and multiple countries. Yet, even neighbors didn’t really know much about Logan University. Since 1935, Logan has been recognized as an outstanding chiropractic school, but the story, now … is so much more. Offering seven degrees, including Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs, Logan University has become an international force in health sciences, providing educational opportunities with the potential to shape the landscape of health care. But Logan knew it didn’t matter, if nobody knew about Logan.

Dovetail joined forces with Logan in 2017, to help the university understand what it meant to go to Logan, work at Logan, support Logan, love Logan. We did a lot of research. A lot of interviews. And a lot of brainstorming. With a solid understanding of the functional and emotional benefits associated with the university, Dovetail unveiled the Logan brand platform:
Logan University, Leaders Made.

Rooted in foundational truths and strengths of the university, we developed a brand position designed to draw the emotional connection that elevates the school beyond a building or a campus. Leaders Made opens the door to create meaningful experiences with a brand. It opens the door to new audiences and allows us to push the boundaries of awareness.