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Gateway Arch

Historic St. Louis landmark & Gateway to the West

A monument to Thomas Jefferson and all the pioneers who ventured through St. Louis, the Gateway Arch remains an icon of St. Louis and of the history surrounding the discovery of America west of the Mississippi. This towering architectural marvel attracts tourists from around the globe to St. Louis, and more than 2 million people take the famed Tram Ride to the Top every year.

Throughout the renovation of this historic monument, Dovetail worked closely with the Arch team to relaunch this iconic brand, and to honor the vision of its architect Eero Saarinen.

After collecting consumer insights, and interviewing key stakeholders from the Arch team, we found a common thread that connected them. The awe-inspiring natures of the Arch, and the memories that it stirred within people drew them back to the monument. As they told their stories about their experiences with this architectural marvel, they felt compelled to journey back and experience it again with others.

These invaluable insights led us to the creation of the Arch’s new brand platform: See Differently, brought to life with a newly designed identity system.

This platform and campaign illustrates that even if people have visited the Arch in the past, revisiting the monument again can bring brand new experiences in a reimagined environment. This refreshed messaging also provides communications support for the entire Arch campus including branding for the Old Courthouse and the Riverboats at the Gateway Arch.