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College Bound

Way-paver for promising under-resourced students to pursue higher education

In 2006, College Bound was founded as a not-for-profit to provide students from under-resourced backgrounds with the additional enrichment, support and life skills needed to pursue and succeed in college and careers.

College Bound needed a brand that stood out from other college access programs and sourced a founding board member’s agency, Dovetail, to help distinguish the organization.

First, we worked closely with College Bound to develop the brand identity. Then, we told the story of College Bound’s unique offering of assistance even during college through infographics and powerful, real success stories encapsulating the sheer pride students felt after graduating.

In 2013, College Bound received the National College Access Network (NCAN) Award of Excellence, and in 2014 College Bound was named one of the top ten programs in the country to impact college completion.