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City Museum

Renowned St. Louis architectural marvel and kids’ play palace

One of the most unique attractions in the entire country, the City Museum encourages kids and adults alike to be playful and curious without falter. While there you can explore a salvaged airplane, walk pencil-shaped balance beams and study a kaleidoscope of color as you venture up the spiral staircase.

The museum then just needed a website for guests to explore its wonders online, and Dovetail was put to the challenge. Because the museum was conceptualized by world-renowned artist Bob Cassilly, we wanted to extend his vision while capturing the essence of being there.

Collaborating with City Museum, we crafted a highly interactive website, collateral materials, directional signage and a bold new tagline, “Where the Imagination Runs Wild!”

Now visited by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world yearly, City Museum has won international awards deeming it a must-see destination.