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Change Up Your Digital Diet

January 26, 2010
Posted by Georgia Relich

I recently attended a women’s healthcare professional alliance presentation on the topic of, what else? Social Media. While the presenter inundated us with a plethora of important information, in doing so, she reminded the audience that the time to keep up with the social media landscape is almost mind-boggling, and this group of women just plain admitted they didn’t know how to fit it into their schedules.  The presenter gave us four important tips about changing up (or starting up) your digital diet:  first, pick just one social media outlet that you think is interesting and do it; second, pick one person you find interesting and follow his/her blog or tweets; third, give social media 15 minutes of your day; and fourth, if you’re not ready to participate, start listening.  These tips helped me and the other women in the room to get our arms around how to take a bite out of social media .

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