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Change the Way You See Change

October 7, 2009
Posted by Susan Weissman

The world is changing fast for all of us.  And it’s human nature to resist change — some of us, more than others.  I had an interesting lunch with long time friend and colleague, Kathy Cramer, of the Cramer Institute, and we talked about her new service in which they help people develop a process for creating a culture of innovation and change.  Not BIG innovation or change, but small, incremental, daily improvements in the way an organization does business.

How is this connected to health care marketing?  Simple.  When we help organizations change the way people see them we focus a lot out there — what we’re going to say to the market place,  how we are going to “reposition our brand”  and change preference for our services.  But we all know the the essence of the brand rests inside the organization.  Living and breathing the brand. Operationalizing the brand.  You better sell the brand inside first or your marketing dollars are wasted.  Usually, when we develop a new brand promise for an organization it requires a shift, a change.  And the toughest part of launching the brand is getting employees energized and excited about embracing the brand promise.  The organization has to create a context in which the brand can thrive.  It requires real thought and resources — and the payoff is substantial.  I think Kathy is onto something with this new offering.

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