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Central West End Launches New Website

October 19, 2011
Posted by Scott Leisler

There is no place I’d rather work in St. Louis than in the Central West End (and Dovetail of course). Shops, restaurants, cafes, architecture, beautiful homes, and sidewalks for lunch time strolls serve us well down here. It could almost be our own little micro-city if we wanted it to be, and we would never have to leave.

All that being said, last year we began a partnership with the Central West End Community Improvement District North to help continue to open its arms to new visitors and patrons by helping out with marketing and event initiatives to get the word out – such as a new website, Facebook page, advertising in St. Louis publications, and wayfinding graphics.

This month, we are proud to launch the new website. Visitors can learn about Central West End’s news, events, search the merchant director for great destinations and services, take a photo tour, and truly be in the know about what’s going on in this great neighborhood. Be sure to like the Central West End on Facebook to get timely neighborhood news direct to your mobile device.

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