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Celebrating Flyness: 100 Years with St. Louis Lambert International Airport

July 10, 2020
Posted by Dovetail

A visionary who foresaw flying for the masses, Albert Bond Lambert, along with the Missouri Aeronautical Society, acquired the lease for 170 acres of farmland on June 18, 1920. Eight years, during the age of Babe Ruth, Amelia Earhart, and the New Deal, this land became one of the first municipally owned airports, known as Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport. It was the dawn of commercial air travel in St. Louis… the sky was the limit.

To celebrate the centennial of Lambert’s signing, St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) and Dovetail have joined together to create an immersive and promotional program dubbed “Flyness!”

“Flyness” (or the variation “to be fly”) is defined as stylish, posh, cool, amazing, awesome. Featuring the tagline “Celebrating 100 Years of Flyness”, the 100th anniversary campaign is not only an overview of the rich, important history and milestones of STL, but also a journey through time and history itself.

Just as STL has continually evolved and expanded through the advancements of technology and air travel, the world around it has continually changed. And it was in this that the Dovetail team found their inspiration.

“The history of the airport is incredible,” said Scott Leisler, Dovetail President & Chief Creative Officer. “One need only look at the archival photography supplied to us by our friends at STL to realize that the greatest constant was change. The airport has occupied that space, in one form or another, for 100 years.”

The 1950s at St. Louis Lambert International Airport

With that, “Celebrating 100 Years of Flyness” became more than a handle. It became the basis for a story… a story that shows off where we’ve been, points to where we’re going, and celebrates just how “fly” we’ve been all along.

Through the use of archival STL photography and video, along with historical footage, Dovetail took a documentary-style approach to create and develop an entire campaign of messaging and imagery, starting with a long-form video that told the entire story of STL and its “Flyness” throughout the past 100 years of history.

“Stories matter. Now, more than ever,” said Dan Graney, Creative Director at Dovetail. “And we knew that we wanted to tell as much story as possible.”

“We also knew that we would have to size that story up or down across multiple channels,” added Hunter Lansche, Associate Creative Director at Dovetail.

“The nice thing about ‘Flyness’ is that, conceptually, it can be distilled down,” Graney continued.

“So that one video also became eight smaller videos,” Lansche concluded, laughing.

With that, the team set about to create a series of short, bite-sized videos for quick, easy sharing and viewing across all social media channels, each one focused on a decade or span of time in the history of STL.

STL Flyness through the decades.

Tying the different decades together, the Dovetail team created a series of custom logos, each embodying an era of “Flyness”, to be used in the videos and throughout the promotion.

“This was a blast,” Lansche said. “Granted, creating not one, but eight, different logos, each in the aesthetic style of a certain time period, can be challenging, but it was worth it.”

“And it was right for the concept,” Graney concluded.

Today, as the world moves through another wave of massive change, one might take inspiration in Albert Bond Lambert and how he saw, not a pasture of farmland, but a future society, connected through air travel. A society that moved, evolved, and grew together… now that’s flyness!

For more on this story and a glimpse into “Flyness” through the past 100 years, click here.

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