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Cash Makes the Medicine Go Down

June 14, 2010
Posted by Georgia Relich

Because of our work with Centric Health Resources, a company who specializes in the launch and distribution of ultra-orphan drugs, I had to comment on this article regarding the newest incentive to keep patients compliant–pay them! I don’t know if I can make a judgment on this tactic, but what I can say is that it proves just how difficult it is to keep patients on course and compliant. With Centric, they are working with chronically ill patients who suffer from ultra-orphan diseases. And, as the article points out, the psychological effects of a constant drug regimen, uncomfortable side effects, and the impact on lifestyle can all discourage patients from taking the drug that will ultimately keep them alive.  Paying them is indeed an interesting tactic and perhaps the last hope, at least from a marketing perspective.  Would we all be incentivized to do lots of things if we got paid to do it?  Lose weight? Quit smoking?

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