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Best Practices in Action

April 7, 2010
Posted by Susan Weissman

I taught a class yesterday at Enterprise University on 21st Century Marketing. When I got to the part of my class where I spoke about integrating social media into the overall marketing plan and really making a commitment to it — I broke out into a sweat. Why? I haven’t written in our own blog for a month!! Okay, I’m recommitting right now.

One of the cases I used to show best practices in marketing is Dove — even though it’s not a health care example, you can all learn from what they are doing. They are building a brand around real beauty and are working to create dialogue among women about what that means. In research they did world-wide, only 2% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. Crazy. So they are using real women (not models) in all of their marketing, they show women all shapes and sizes (grey hair, overweight, no blond 20 somethings) they offer self esteem tools on their web sites for girls and workshops for Moms and mentors of girls. I love this video they created in response to an a 2006 fashion show in Spain. The models were banned from the show because they were deemed overly thin, it was quite a controversy, and Dove responded by joining the conversation and sharing their message with this.

So what is Dove doing right?
1) They KNOW their audience.
2) Their brand clearly stands for something — and they have been living it consistently for 5+ years.
3) Their messages are relevant — and resonate emotionally.
4) Frequency/exposure

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