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Vinnie Schneider

Senior Brand Manager

Give Vinnie your brand’s guidebook and he’ll make sure it’s followed habitually. If you don’t have one, he’s probably already taken avid notes for one. During his advertising career, Vinnie has always applied solid research, along with strategy and insight, to help lead clients in all aspects of their branding and marketing efforts. He has worked with clients such as SLUCare Physician Group, AOAExcel (a subsidiary of the American Optometric Association), MillerCoors, Diageo, Fontbonne University, Logan University and Priority Technology Holdings. Vinnie earned a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Communication and International Studies, as well as a double minor in Spanish and Marketing, from Saint Louis University. He also spent one semester studying in Spain, as if his stint working with Lions in Zimbabwe wasn’t adventurous enough! When not working, Vinnie hikes, samples new St. Louis food nooks or satisfies his hankerings for photography and woodworking.