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September 14, 2009
Posted by Scott Leisler


Gothic Quarter – Barcelona, Spain

Recently I had the privilege to visit Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. Searching for a bit of inspiration for my artistic spirit, I think I found it.

Everything is visual eye candy, from the ornate architecture blends of Roman, Spanish, French and Arabic, to the window display signage and city graffiti that creates a nice juxtaposition between the elements.

Traveling is good for the soul. If you have a chance to experience it yourself, it will be well worth the journey.

Above is one of the many photos I snapped of a closed store front. The idea is for a store owner to create their own door graffiti in hopes that street graffiti artist will pass their store by and move on to the next wall or door that is untouched. The end result is endless streets of urban artwork with bright color pops amongst many of the neutral stone colored building facades.

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