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Are You Still Curious?

March 31, 2017
Posted by Christine Manfrede

We can learn a lot from children. When they don’t understand something, they seek out the answer. They learn and discover through unapologetic, probing questions. When I’m outdoors with my niece and nephew, they’re bombarding me with questions. Really hard ones. “Why is the sky blue? Where do squirrels live?” I might not always know the answer, but I’m inspired by their optimistic curiosity.

Unfortunately, often as we grow older, we leave our passion for knowledge in the school room. We stop questioning everything. We stop asking “Why?”

Intellectual giants never stop learning. Inquisitive minds change the world. Where would we be without Da Vinci, Newton, and Einstein?

You could argue that curiosity is our most valuable skill. So, how do we get back in touch with our childlike curiosity?

Ask good questions. Doubt what you know. Embrace uncertainty. Great questions lead to identifying problems worth solving and develop into original solutions.

Collaborate. Work with people who have a completely different point of view on the problem than you do.

Be a sponge. Get out in the world. Seek out things that pique your curiosity. Vary what you read and watch. Explore and observe to connect dots.

Practice, practice, practice. Curiosity is a developed skill. You have to nurture it to grow it. 

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing”


In our rapidly changing world, where every industry is being disrupted, making assumptions that we know it all is a mistake. Google is not the answer.

Curiosity is the spark of creativity. It’s the genesis of every great idea. It opens up the world to possibilities and leads to innovation.

When you connect with your inner child, you embrace discovery. Bonus: following your curiosity can make you happy. What are you curious about?

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