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And the award for pandering to a minority target audience goes to…

June 27, 2019
Posted by Susan Schultz

Years ago, when the St. Louis region had one main Pride celebration and it was held in Tower Grove Park, a renovated office building on South Grand strung a large banner across its top floor facing the park.

“We’re PROUD of our office lofts!”

While I appreciated the property manager’s enthusiasm and attempted support, I had to laugh.

Not only was the message all about the business owner and not their intended customer, it provided no benefit for potential renters. The banner failed at basic marketing, as well as in its attempt at niche market outreach.

I always appreciate when local businesses sport the rainbow colors. But a business can’t, or at least shouldn’t, wave the Pride flag in June while failing to support their own LGBTQ+ employees the other 48 weeks of the year.

With this in mind, here is a great article from US Campaign on how marketers can authentically connect with the LBGTQ+ community all year ‘round.

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