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A Hospital’s Perspective on Launching their Social Network

September 2, 2009
Posted by Georgia Relich

I read an interesting article in the most recent Spectrum, SHSMD’s monthly newsletter, about Swedish Covenant Hospital’s plan for moving into the social networking arena. They really simplified a comprehensive approach and boiled it down into 4 areas: Listen–listening to what consumers were already saying and following conversations taking place on the social networking sites they planned to use; Identify–instead of focusing on the tools, concentrate on identifying content that’s meaningful to consumers (not surprisingly, they found weight management, parenting, and pregnancy the most popular topics); Let Go–support the need for genuine, authentic conversations. Enlist the input from the legal department from the get-go; Measure–Google Analytics, online focus groups, clinician’s in-person feedback from their patients.
They were successful–within 4 months they had 500 followers on Twitter and their blogs attract 700 to 800 visits per month.

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