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6 Questions with Steve George – Veteran Agency Creative, Artist & Dad

August 9, 2016
Posted by Dovetail

Dovetail Creative Team, St. Louis

What inspires you?

Anything and everything related to design. Whether its classical Greek architecture or modern architecture of Tadao Ando. Custom muscle cars to refined Bentleys. Art from current modern local artists like Sarah Giannoble to Albrecht Düer. Furniture from Charles and Ray Eames to Eero Saarinen the designer of the womb chair and the Gateway Arch.

How do you start off your design process? What do you think about?

I usually start the process by looking at the competitive landscape. I want to see what the client’s competition is doing. I always feel that whatever I’m designing should be as good if not better than what the client’s competition is doing. Then I look at the client’s personality and mission to make sure that whatever I design fits the client and the target audience.

Where do you see design going in the future?

That’s a tough question to answer because I feel design is the constant through everything. Anything that has ever been made has had design put into it. Whether it’s the product itself, the marketing, the packaging, the advertising and the medium in which any and all of those are delivered. The one thing that does change in design is style and medium by which advertising is delivered. I do believe that technology will continue to play a big if not a bigger part in that delivery.

What has changed in the industry since you¹ve started?

The main thing I noticed that has changed is the technology. Today there are phones that have more RAM and faster processors than the computers I started on. Also with that speed and capability, less sketching or pencil comping have come about.

What is your favorite medium to design something on?

I would have to say corporate identity is my favorite thing to design. There is something so majestic about capturing a brand or company’s essence, personality and mission and bringing that alive in a simple logo and/or mark that communicates that directly and effectively to the world is very rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about being creative?

I think what I enjoy most about being creative is it has given me a deep appreciation of all things created. From architecture, automobiles, art, furniture to those things found in nature like beautiful birds flying in their natural habitat. For that I am very fortunate, blessed and grateful.

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