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6 Questions with Jenna Green, “Dynamite” Dovetail Brand Manager

October 11, 2016
Posted by Dovetail

Jenna Green, Brand Manager

What inspires you?

That’s a tough one. It could be anything I see or hear or read. I’m a big reader, I could spend all day every day reading and learning. I think my most commonly used phrase is, “I read something…” and then some random fact. I find that I’m often inspired when I have champagne – does that work? Let’s go with champagne.

You are developing a new brand for a product or company, where do you start?

Discovery and research. Everything we do, especially strategy, is grounded in the insights that we gain from research – be it secondary industry/market research, primary one-on-one interviews, focus groups or anything in between, learning about the perceptions of the target audience and internal stakeholders is the foundation for our most effective marketing.

What is a brand you admire?

I have long admired the Spanx brand. I love that the product solves such a simple, almost-universal problem, and the company completely embraces what they do in a cheeky (no pun intended), fun and unapologetic way. Additionally, their CSR programs are fantastic – focused on helping women and women’s causes around the world.

What is your favorite thing about your clients?

I love my clients because they are so unique. Anyone can market beer or burgers, but figuring out how to solve the marketing challenges of really niche products makes my job challenging and interesting. I learn so much every day about things I never knew existed (dysphagia or packaging presses, anyone?) and helping my clients solve their puzzles is very rewarding. And the Arch…well, that speaks for itself.

What do you think is the most important thing to remember when it comes to client relations?

I think the most important aspect of client relations is honest communication. Being able to communicate, clearly and freely, and having the respect for my clients to tell them the truth, even when it’s hard, or uncomfortable or not what they want to hear, is the foundation to successful relationships. And that is a two-way street – letting my clients know that they can tell me, honestly, about how they feel about our work, the way we’re working together, whatever – is huge. And I think it takes a lot of work just to communicate honestly, but it makes everything else so much easier.

What is your favorite thing about Dovetail?

I love Dovetail because of the people I work with – both within the company and outside (clients and vendors and other partners). Coming to work each day is fun because I work with really smart, fun and awesome people who are just as motivated and excited as I am to do stellar work for our clients. The Dovetail team is truly a TEAM – we don’t let each other down, and we don’t let our clients down. #OneTeamOneDream.

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