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5 Examples of Brands Getting Brand Publishing Right

June 12, 2017
Posted by Jenna Green

Brand publishing is a key component of inbound marketing. Without content, you have nothing to offer to your audience to engage them and bring the to you. But where to start?

The key to brand publishing is creating meaningful, relevant content – and then getting it out there. Of course, like any good marketing tactic, measurement has to play into the success of brand publishing as well, such as by collecting contacts and integrating with your existing sales tools and CRMs, to give you a complete picture of the ROI of your efforts.

Below are some examples of brands that have truly mastered brand publishing.

Red Bull

Red Bull is known for their video stunts, such as the flugtag and skydiving from space. However, they also create lifestyle content that aligns the brand with the cultural touchstones that epitomize the Red Bull brand promise. The entire Red Bull website consists of this content – their products are hidden in secondary navigation.


Target – A Bullseye View

Target puts a new spin on corporate news, making each announcement feel more approachable by combining interesting (read: not completely self-serving) topics with a tone of voice that feels like a good friend.

General Mills – Tablespoon

An obvious brand publishing extension for General Mills, this site is full of recipes and food tips, and free of any branding. The content is clean and simple, and focuses on providing value to the consumer.


Adobe – CMO

Targeting CMOs and digital marketers, is a resource helping marketers understand how the digital world has affected traditional marketing and how to deal with the issues that have arisen as a result. The content feels independent from the site owner and provides value to the end user.

American Express – Open Forum

American Express has aligned themselves with small businesses throughout the US, most notably via Small Business Saturday. Open Forum is a resource that provides editorial written by small business owners for small business owners, with some additional content from American Express.


These examples may feel overwhelming, but they are simply great examples of brands that have really dedicated resources to brand publishing. While all of these examples are freestanding sites, any brand can take on brand publishing with just a blog and some social channels. Brand publishing is a big undertaking, but the rewards are worth the investment.

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