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2013 – The Best Year On The Planet For Humankind

January 6, 2014
Posted by Susan Weissman


How’s that for a shock? We were crawling out a recession, there was a brutal civil war in Syria, our government shut down and demonstrated to us just how dysfunctional they are and the whole NSA spying fiasco. But Zack Beuchamp shares some big picture facts that make your head spin:

  1. Fewer people are dying young and more are living longer.
  2. Fewer people suffer from extreme poverty and the world is getting happier.
  3. War is becoming rarer and less deadly.
  4. Rates of murder and other violent crimes are in free-fall.
  5. There is less racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination in the world.
Now, that’s what I call pulling your head out of the weeds and looking at the big picture. A very difficult and important perspective to achieve. It’s also representative of something called Asset-Based Thinking. A foundational philosophy one of our clients teaches and builds into all of their service offerings. It’s the practice of working to see the cup as half full. You can actually build skills to approach your business from this perspective.

I’m optimistic about the future. I believe we can keep improving the world we live in, the businesses we create, the relationships we have. But sometimes I feel naive believing in a positive future. I appreciate Zach and my Asset-Based Thinking friends at The Cramer Institute for helping me see it another way.

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