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2013 Here We Come

March 4, 2013
Posted by Susan Weissman

At the beginning of each year, I wonder what will be different? What’s changed? What did we learn? I found a Forbes article with a few ideas that I think are solid and worthy of more thought:

1) Simplicity will reign supreme. Yes! Everyone overcomplicates things. Simplicity will be rewarded. We’re all exhausted from trying to get your point.

2)  Smarter social media. We’re getting over the idea that we have to be using every social media tool. Who cares if you have 3,000 Facebook fans – is it actually going to impact your business?  It has to be strategically evaluated and implemented to show real value.

3)  Marketing will be more tied to revenue. The economic uncertainty we’re all learning to live with means when we spend money, we want to be pretty sure we’re going to see something in return. Marketing has to be more and more tied to performance indicators. I see this every day in my work and think this is a great trend, for clients and for agencies.

4)  Mobile will get its due. Man, there’s been a lot of talk for many years without a lot to show for it. But, no doubt, we will capture the power of mobile, eventually.

So the only trend I don’t buy in the article is: Campaigned-based marketing will take a break. Their point is that campaigns are based on company-based needs, not consumer needs. If that’s the case, they should have gone away a long time ago. But I think that is defining a campaign improperly. Good campaigns, based on resonating with something meaningful to the consumer, will continue to have impact.

Hey, agreeing with 4 out of 5 trends isn’t bad!

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