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10 Key Traits of a Great Agency

September 26, 2012
Posted by Dovetail


Agency wisdom means keen judgment skills born of experience and intuition, with a fine-tuned, rock-solid creative compass and business acumen. All other agency traits are diminished without the wisdom to evaluate them.


Innate honesty, honorableness, trustworthiness. Your agency is your de facto business partner; find one you can trust to always tell you the truth, even when it’s not popular.


A strong, pervasive work ethic. Is the agency reliable and punctual? Does it respect deadlines and deliver on its promises? The agency should propel you; you shouldn’t have to push the agency.


The agency team should be able to work closely with your team to pursue common goals. You should enjoy each other’s company.


The positive influence of happy warriors who can’t wait to flex their muscles on your next project is immeasurable.


They either have it or they don’t. Talent is essential, so there should be a depth of talent in both creative and account services.


A great agency has built-in operational efficiencies, management skills, production finesse and the ability to create order out of chaos while juggling screaming chain saws.


People who ask questions you’ve never considered can help you envision solutions that have never crossed your mind. People who can help you see a new perspective can help you succeed.


Good problem solvers are quick studies, but deep thinkers. They are incisive, articulate, logical, practical and grounded in reality — strategic thinkers who are creative; creative thinkers who are strategic.


People in a good agency have an intellectual hunger; they’re aware of the world, history, literature, the arts and contemporary culture. A good messaging idea can come from anywhere, but it usually comes from those who are “tuned in” to a wide range of life.

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