Service + Services

Experience has taught us that experience counts. We’ve honed our thought processes and skills — our services — by shepherding hundreds of clients through thousands of projects over decades of time.

We maintain the requisite complement of skilled, professional staff and agency assets to be a valued, committed partner in your brand’s development and growth — research, strategy, channel planning, placement, campaign execution, design, broadcast, video, digital media and content creation — whatever it takes to help you elevate your brand to the next level of success. That’s why we’re here; that’s why we love this business; that’s why we’re good at it.

Industry Categories we have extensive experience (not limited to):

Construction, Biotech, Education, Entertainment & Culture, Financial, Hospitals & Health Care Systems, Health Care Services, Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Retail, Technology.

Creative Strategy & Branding

Dovetail is an integrated marketing firm with a holistic approach to guiding and driving the success of our clients’ brands. Whether B2B or B2C, proper emphasis on ideation and planning is crucial in creating a meaningful brand experience. Through a collaborative process, we help you identify your brand’s distinguishing characteristics, create a strategy that gives you an edge in the marketplace, and initiate a process that brings to life the outstanding attributes of your brand, product or service.

Branding and creative strategy services include brand strategy, messaging, employee communication, marketing planning, brand management, creative strategy and idea generation.

Digital & Web Development

Good digital communication is a dialogue – not a monologue – and represents true communication between you and your customers. We believe that what sets us apart is our ability to create and deliver novel, highly effective solutions. How? By approaching client problems with a combination of careful analysis, strategic planning, active project management, target-focused creativity and the appropriate infusion of “now media.”

Our digital and web services include primary site design, micro-sites and custom portals, experiential sites, interactive and transactional applications, and all forms of “now media” that bring your brand and your customers together.

Print Design & Production

Successful design effectively marries a creative idea with the medium that perfectly expresses it. Through the years, we have acquired and cultivated a practical knowledge about the art and craft of design and production. With stringent attention to detail and a deep understanding of the technical elements that yield superior results, our goal is to create pieces that are worthy reflections of our clients’ brands.

We put our design and production skills to work on marketing and promotional collateral, direct mail, trade displays and much more.

Identity Design & Implementation

A great brand creates a visual language that tells your story and leaves a lasting impression. A successful identity system also gives you a set of standards upon which to communicate your business in a meaningful and consistent way. Our award-wining design team is known for compelling brand marks and logotypes, as well as identity standards and brand guidelines for businesses of all sizes.

Identity services include logos, trademarks, logotypes, icons, type systems, color systems, identity standards, brand guidelines and stationery systems.

Advertising & Direct Marketing

To gain attention in today’s market, “traditional” forms of advertising must be anything but predictable. By understanding your audience and what they want and need, we take unique approaches to creating provocative messages that cement preference, touch emotional chords, and generate awareness … and sales. Perhaps even more important, we take the time to make sure your advertising and direct marketing tactics deliver value – not just impact – as part of a fully integrated strategy.

Advertising and direct marketing services include print advertising, out-of-home marketing and direct mail.

Broadcast & Video

Combining our team’s creative passion and talents with experienced broadcast and video professionals with 30+ years of expertise, we leverage established partnerships with videographers and audio/video studios to produce high-substance broadcast communications and video resources for radio, television and online media channels.

By offering you a complete range of creative, conceptual, strategic and production services, we can provide both cost efficiency and a higher level of creative execution.

Social Media

This much-hyped communication channel represents a new paradigm, enabling you to speak directly with your consumers through real dialogue. Make no mistake, however, it only works when it’s applied correctly. We understand the unique aspects and intricacies of this now mainstream medium and know how to successfully implement the right tools with the right messaging to create awareness and stimulate results.

As expert listeners, we apply listening stations and auditing tools to deliver reports that highlight what clients’ constituencies are saying, feeling and buying.

Public Relations

Earned media is of critical importance for your brand’s successful introduction and reinforcement. In tandem with the best and smartest public relations resources available, we deliver strategies and resultant executions that complement your overarching marketing goals.

From media education and engagement to interactive awareness and promotional opportunities, we have access to the expertise you need to create results.

Research & Customer Insights

Before committing to a strategy for defining your brand, it makes sense to know what customers and prospects think of you today, top of mind. Dovetail can conduct research with all your constituencies – external and internal – to find out how they differentiate you from your competition, which benefits you offer that they value most, and what characteristics you possess they most admire. In addition, research can yield valuable answers to questions that are unique to your organization or market, and it can uncover additional services your customers would like you to provide.

Research often consists of customer studies, employee studies, key management research, client and prospect information, and influencer and stakeholder research.