Selected Works

  • Nasopure 1
  • Nasopure 2
  • Nasopure 3
  • Nasopure 4
  • Nasopure 5
  • Nasopure 6
  • Nasopure 7



NASOPURE developed an innovative pressure-based alternative to the gravity-based Netty Pot. The company had two major challenges: (1) How to communicate it technological superiority, and (2) how to cost-efficiently compete against a giant brand that featured celebrity endorsements and dominant market share.


After collaborating with NASOPURE, we developed a highly interactive web site that effectively utilized everything from Adobe® Flash® to You Tube videos to educate prospective consumers and wholesalers on the advantages of this revolutionary pressure-based product. In addition, the site was design with ecommerce functionality and efficiencies, which allowed for inventory management, pricing, discount groups, and email functionality. The end result was a substantial increase in market awareness, plus a major uptick in consumer and wholesale market revenue. When the pressure was on, we delivered substantial results to this inventor of pressure-based innovations.