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Fantasy football leagues have become a worldwide social and competitive phenomena. When FS Challenge wanted to create a viable marketing application to access this fervor, it developed a unique and user-friendly abridged play league, offering time efficiencies and reductions in complexity that make it possible for everyone from novice to hard-core enthusiasts to become involved as much – or as little – as they desire.


After listening to the client’s goals and objectives, we developed a go-to-marketing strategy and presentation that targeted major restaurant chains – including Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings – plus “mom-and-pop” establishments to encourage and establish buy-in. In addition to this comprehensive presentation, we also created in-store banners, TV talkers, and a graphic design for the game platform. The result? An astounding participation rate of 1,700 bars and restaurants nationwide, plus, since players were required to visit their local establishment at least once a week to see if they were a winner, bar sales collectively increased by 11%, and establishments and participants reported a 94.9% satisfaction rate.