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Enterprise Bank & Trust


In a challenging financial climate, Enterprise Bank & Trust wanted to establish itself as a strong financial institution specializing in integrated services for small-and medium-sized businesses and successful entrepreneurs.


Unlike other banks, which tend to silo offerings (and therefore, clients) Enterprise is structured to help clients merge their business finances and their personal finances in order to create wealth. Done correctly, banking is a service, not a commodity, and they believe the right approach can make the “business you” and the “personal you” more effective. We developed this unique advantage into a campaign that included print advertising, direct mail, NPR sponsorships, and highly specialized email newsletters that allow us to tailor specific messages to individual customers and prospects. As a value-added differentiator, we’ve also helped refocus marketing attention onto Enterprise University (EU) – high-impact, university-caliber workshops offered to business owners and their executive teams at no cost. The end result is a growing, satisfied client base that understands the true advantages Enterprise has to offer.