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SLUCare Physician Group

Innovative healthcare providers with a collaborative approach to care

An academic medical practice associated with Saint Louis University, SLUCare Physician Group offers world-class healthcare through more than 500 providers in the St. Louis region.

SLUCare wanted to clear up confusion about its name, build awareness of its physician group and create a more defined position in the market. The effort would need to rally numerous key stakeholders, physicians and staff, as well as increase patient visits.

Dovetail conducted research among internal stakeholders, current patients and prospective patients. Our findings revealed an opportunity to leverage SLUCare’s leading edge treatments and collaborative, compassionate approach to care based on their Jesuit tradition. This position became the foothold for an innovative campaign called “Informed Medicine.”

In pre-testing, prospective patients deemed the “Informed Medicine” messaging as highly compelling. During meetings to launch the new platform internally, stakeholders and staff members excitedly described it as a breakthrough way of showing SLUCare’s philosophy of care.

“Informed Medicine” recently was awarded national accolades with six different honors. Read More

Capabilities Utilized: Brand Strategy, Brand Experience