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Ascension Health

Largest Catholic healthcare system in the U.S.

As a non-profit organization that upholds a commitment to Healthcare that Leaves No One Behind and a vision of 100% healthcare coverage for all Americans, Ascension Health has supported the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from its beginning. With their ACA Small Business Initiative, Ascension Health aimed to educate small business owners and rally them as advocates.

Dovetail helped Ascension Health educate and engage Ascension Health’s Ministry board members, executive leaders and community leaders, and eventually legislators, White House members, the Deputy Chief of Staff and President Obama himself, through educational forums and communication materials. In fact, several thousand copies of our Actual Factual brochure were requested by White House staff members.

Now we are collaborating to build a website through which all Ascension Health Ministries can access regularly updated information regarding healthcare legislation by state.